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MG B Competition Bump Stops

For more than 50 years Hollow rubber springs have been known throughout the World as an effective, reliable system to improve suspension performance and as a sole suspension.

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When used as a supplement to conventional leaf springs empty ride is unaffected.

The rubber spring is gradually brought into operation according to the load being applied and progressively increases in proportion to the load being carried.

Initial take up is very smooth and the spring rate increase is progressive resulting in a greatly improved ride , improved load handling, greater roll stability and longer spring life.

As used by BMC Special Tuning for '60's and '70's Rally cars.




MG B Caster Correction Wedges

Lighten the steering of your MGB and reduce mid-corner weighting with theser castor correction wedges - the original and still the best. We believe they offer the greatest single improvement on the market for such a small price. Turn into corners without a tight grip of both hands and have almost no understeer.

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As used on our supercharged MG B GT


MG B Alloy 4 spot calipers and vented discs

4 spot alloy calipers and vented discs allow you to rein in your MGB more consistently and more safely than ever before. 4-pot calipers allow you to apply more pressure to a larger pad than is standard and vented discs gives a greater surface area to dissipate heat. A variety of pad combinations from road to full race specification is readily available.

If you want your car to have maximum stopping power, then this is the conversion to provide it.

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As used on our supercharged MG B GT