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for MG B


Not just any shocker which fits the desired length !

No Compromise Telescopic Shock Absorbers designed specifically for the MG B

Superior performance hand-built suspension systems.

Utilizing the superior Mono-tube design featuring:

Mono-tube verses Twin tube shocks
  • Separate gas and oil chambers
  • High gas pressure (14 to 20 bar)
  • Single precision tube body
  • Large piston diameter
  • Common gas and oil chamber
  • Low gas pressure (approx. 4 bar)
  • Twin tube body - outer not precision
  • Small piston diameter

Mono-tube benefits
  • Very wide damping rates can be achieved through bigger diameter pistons and shim design
  • Plush feel and full control over all piston speeds by virtue of higher gas pressure and damping rates
  • Increased cooling and reliability afforded by single precision tube
  • Increased diameter piston rods can be employed within larger internal chambers with sufficient oil
  • Can withstand higher pressures and temperatures without aeration or foaming of the oil

  • Due to separate oil and gas chambers the units can be installed in any position

Springs come with a 5-year manufacturers warranty
while shocks come with a 1-year manufacturers warranty

In some states, territories and countries, items are for off-road applications only.
It it purchasers responsibility to verify suitability and legality.